Build Trust Through Transparency with Preference Management

OneTrust PreferenceChoice offers tools for marketers to drive privacy-first, customer-centric strategies

Customer relationships are built on trust, yet respecting customer data is a growing challenge for marketing teams in the age of personalized experiences and global data privacy regulations. PreferenceChoice allows organizations to centrally manage marketing preferences while giving users control and visibility into how their data is used—driving better experiences for your customers.

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Create Dynamic Preference Centers

Customize user experiences to match your brand.
  • Build preference centers for self-service user experiences to intake preferences and data requests across marketing activities 
  • Drive better opt-in rates by giving users granular opt-down setting options versus a global unsubscribe 
  • Respect customer preferences by integrating marketing applications for consistency 

Build Trust with Your Customers

Foster trust by giving users visibility and control over how their data is used and communicate on their terms.
  • Build a secure, robust consumer portal to intake requests in a way that matches your brand and business 
  • Leverage regulation-specific response workflows to help your organization respond to requests appropriately 
  • Embed a ‘Do Not Sell’ link on your websites to facilitate CCPA compliance and provide transparency 

Find the Right Data

Identify, locate, and retrieve the data you need, when you need it.
  • Automatically find and retrieve targeted data from across your marketing and business systems
  • Easily “lookup” individual’s data across cloud and on-premise systems
  • Integrate with third-party IT tools and maintain a database of processing for compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and more
Find the right data

Additional Features

Use mobile scanning app
Use Mobile App Scanning and Consent to Understand Who is Accessing Your App’s Data

Schedule scans of your mobile app for third-party trackers to understand your app’s “privacy health.”

Create Cookie Banners
Create Robust Cookies Banners to Match Your Brand

Tailor your cookie banner and preference center and give users advanced control over their cookie settings.

Centrally update, host and manage external policies
Centrally Update, Host and Manage Internal and External Policies and Notices

Identify policies across all your digital properties to update and maintain consistency, with the option to build custom policies or leverage OneTrust’s regulation-specific template library.

Sync Preferences
Sync Preferences Across Mobile and Web to Improve UX

Manage mobile preferences and sync across systems for consistency throughout sales and marketing activities.