The Complete Guide to First-Party Data 

The move from third-party cookies to first-party data presents opportunities to: 

  • Learn your audience's preferences - directly from them - to build transparent customer relationships
  • More accurately predict future customer behaviors to personalize content and enhance marketing campaigns
  • Build transparent customer relationships  
  • Recoup revenue lost to third parties in recent years. 
In this guide, we outline everything you need to know about first-party data. You’ll learn why first-party data benefits your efforts, how and where to collect it, best practices around data collection and usage, and recommended technologies for streamlining your processes. And, we include a few real-world examples of how brands are leveraging first-party data today.  

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Give data subjects greater control and visibility over their communication preferences. 

  • Customized communication topics, content, frequency, and medium choices for customers 
  • Drag-and-drop templates with options for layout, design, branding, formatting, and language 
  • Low-code / no-code updates for marketing teams 
  • Dynamic preference centers based on identity, geolocation, and language preferences 
  • Support for identity validation, authentication, and double opt-in 


Reduce unsubscribes with opt-down strategy and flexible choices for content topics and frequencies. 

  • Maintain real-time preference records to enhance customer profiles and consistently honor customer choices 
  • Build proprietary data sets with customized questions for zero- and first-party data collection
  • Activate data through integration with your marketing technology stack to honor preferences throughout sales and marketing activities 


Measure, report, and improve your preference and data capture with real-time reporting. 

  • Real-time dashboards and analytics 
  • A/B testing to optimize results 
  • Easy updates at any time without web dev resources 

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